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about us

Ahad Fakhim Chemical Industries Group started its activity in 1380 by Mr. Engineer Fakhim, the honorable CEO, on a land of 800 meters with an annual production of 500 tons of compound. Since the beginning of the activity, the management of Ahad Fakhim printing company has been working on the training of specialized human resources with detailed and documented planning.

In 1381, the land area increased to 1200 meters and the number of employees increased to 15 people, and since 1385, the land area has increased to 6000 meters and the total number of administrative and production employees has increased to more than 65 people.

This group is currently one of the largest producers of flexo and rotogravure printing compounds for food, health and pharmaceutical packaging in Iran. And currently, with the production of more than 5000 tons per year and more than 24 types of compounds and specialized side products, it plays a very important role in the progress of the country’s industries.

The continuous production of products and quality improvement, the expansion of technical knowledge and the use of modern technology and the satisfaction of customers have been among the lofty goals of Fakhim Compound.

This company is proud that based on intensive and consistent research and knowledge of the world’s technology, it has based its plans on improving the quality of production, new products and attracting experts. Currently, the products of this company are exported to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia in addition to the domestic market, and all customers are fully satisfied with the quality of the products.

Fakhim Chemical Industries Group has worked closely with Amir Kabir Color Research Institute and has relationships with various European companies for the supply of raw materials.

The products of this company include all types of flexo and rotogravure printing compounds, which have the following applications: